Who are we?

We’re bunch of guys embarking on making change. Change means evolving in consciousness, connecting, cooperating, caring and looking to solve problems at a higher level than they were created. 

If you dont like where you are now, or like where you are, but feel you need change, to do something meaningful, come join us and take comfort knowing you are a part of a movement and help create the road ahead- for you, for everyone. 


Here are the guys who started this group.


Ken Childs. co-founder

Burlington resident- interests: meditation, yoga, motorcycles & travel

“As a man, I believe I share what many other men go through- suffering in silence- unable to have real-guy friendships where there is an outlet to honestly and openly share your “stuff”-  our ups and downs, our successes, and all our fears and emotions with. This is what brought me to co-found the Burlington Men’s Group.

I am excited to having honest, real conversations and connection without all the testosterone, bragging and bullshit we hide behind. I know this is a place where a man can grow into his full purpose and be supported 100%. I wish I had those kinds of friendships and support when I was a young macho adult. I wouldn’t have gotten into so much trouble either:)” 



Joe De Sousa.  co-founder

Burlington resident- interests: yoga, meditation, hiking and squash.

“Most of my life I found it hard to count on one hand how many male friends I had that I could truly share my feelings and thoughts with. I’m looking forward to have men share and grow together in safe environment. Together we can discover new ways at looking at masculinity and how it goes hand in hand with empathy, integrity, strength, courage and love.


Kune Hua. co-founder

Burlington resident- interests, nature, cats, basketball and playing with LIGHT

“As a videographer, I have met so many people from all walks of life and it was clear early on that most us are not comfortable in our skin. These observations lead to coffee shop meet-ups to nature walks and evolved into community LIGHT sessions all over Burlington. Over the past few years, it has been amazing to see the way people transform at these experiences and I am excited that we are now co-creating a safe space for men to connect, share stories and evolve. Everything from recognizing the ego, tuning into our highest self to how practicing mindfulness can simplify our doing and rewire our addictions / soul draining habits. I’ve had many of these conversations 1-on-1 and I’m curious to see how this amplifies in the Burlington Men’s Group setting. Stay tuned.”


It’s time we had a talk…

As we know, there is a lot of work to do to change some of the behaviours and mindsets of men we have seen play out through millennia and lately in the news. But, it’s also in our community, in our businesses, and maybe in our homes, and 2019 is an opportunity for change; for men to grow and mentor and birth a new supporting role and to live in reverence.   

The Men’s Group is about raising consciousness. It’s about getting in touch with ourselves, our masculinity, and what matters most, and being part of the solution to the issues plaguing our society and the planet.   From this place, we can bond, build, mentor and grow in so many ways. Join us.


Our topics of discussion…

Happiness/Spirituality– consciousness, connection, self discovery

Love/Relationships– reverence for women, our families, our community and the planet

Wealth/Money– passionate careers, ideas, charity, opportunities

Health/Longevity- wellness, our environment, sustainability

…and more 

We’re here to celebrate being a man, to share our best and help others grow into their highest version. We’re looking for men to lead, to share, to grow, to cry, to laugh and reveal what it means to be the best of who we are and can be.

We hope you join us. See “Meetings” for more information.


“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”  Milton Berle