We could not be more excited, almost 1 year!

It truly has been an amazing journey this year to see so many men participate in our group. The sharing and growth in the group has surpassed what our original vision was. Many new members and returning members say the same thing;

Just showing up is already a small victory. Always leave the meetings with a new sense of myself and goals in my life”.

We hope you join us. See “Meetings” for more information.

What is it all about?

Welcome.We’re here to celebrate being a man, to share our best and help others grow into their highest version. We’re looking for men to lead, to share, to grow, to cry, to laugh and reveal what it means to be the best of who we are and can be. From this place, we can bond, build, mentor and grow in so many ways.
Please join us.


We hope you join us. See “Meetings” for more information.


Things we talk about

Happiness/Spirituality– consciousness, connection, self discovery

Love/Relationships– reverence for women, our families, our community and the planet

Wealth/Money– passionate careers, ideas, charity, opportunities

Health/Longevity- wellness, our environment, sustainability

…and more

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton